Wai Sang Waste Paper & Metal Co., Ltd.

We are an eco-friendly waste recycling company established in 1978. Our speciality includes the recycling of a wide spectrum of materials such as recyclable / waste paper, plastics, scrap and used metals,wire and any other recyclable materials.

Since 1983, we have vastly extended our business of recyclable / waste paper export to paper mills all over Taiwan.With our extensive experience, we now hold a license of registration for overseas supplier enterprise of imported solid wastes as raw materials (AQSIQ) issued by The People's Republic of China. This license allows us to freely supply waste paper mills anywhere in China.

We are continuously refining our business model to meet the needs of the rapid changes in the market place. Additional services we also provide are factory demolition & restoration, plastic OEM services, excess stock processing & destruction, as well as logistic management for waste recycling.